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    Seputar Tumor Rahim

    Estrogen: Long term exposure to hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy (post menopause) have a higher risk of reproductive system cancers, including cancer of the uterus. Rarer forms of uterine cancer that are also aggressive and tend to utilize the lymphatic system to metastasize include: Uterine sarcoma (develops in the connective tissue or muscle cells of the uterus), Adenosquamous carcinoma (which forms on the outside of the uterus), and Carcinomasarcoma (also begins in the endometrium). In women, they are most mostly found ‘incidentally’, during surgical tissue removal for other reasons, such as fibroids, uterine adenomyosis, uterine endometrial cancer, endometriosis, ovarian tumor, ovarian abscess, and tubal ligation procedures. Uterine fibroids are tumors


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